Why do humans dance?

To move. To explore. To influence. To express. To inspire. To provoke. To excite. To feel free.

To experience liberty, to be unconfined, to break away from daily life practices.

“It relieves me”.

I daresay that these are the most popular words used to describe how dance makes us humans feel.

So why do we dance?

Dance is an expressive way that helps us to stabilise our emotions, clear our heads, lift our spirits and acts as the medium that replaces words when vocabulary is insufficient. It gives us joy and it makes us feel at peace.

The reason why humans love to move and dance is a debatable topic with no definite, standard answer. Having said this, researchers have explored and studied the motives behind the passion of dance. It is a way of how we engage socially, it boosts the pleasure region of our brain and activates the areas that are responsible for our coordination, timing and planning of actions.

Dance has been present in old and new cultures for very long; from prehistoric times to contemporary times – it does not exclude anyone, it is part of all of us. It is present in our rituals, in our neighborhoods, in our revolutions. You will find dance wherever you find a human and you will find a human wherever you find dance.

  • Anne Marie